Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Introduction - What's It All Mean?

Welcome to The Human Element. Any time you're here and you make a mistake of some sort, just stick your head in the sand and point to the title of the blog. I'll do the same!

A quick few things about me: I like pretty much all sports except NASCAR and the X-Games, but my favorites are college sports, the NFL, English/European football and tennis. I root for the Ravens in football, the Devils in hockey, the Maryland Terrapins in college sports (seeing as how I go there), Wolverhampton Wanderers FC - colloquially known as Wolves - in English football and I unfortunately have a baseball team as well.

Please note that even though most of the images in the backdrop are baseball and soccer, this blog won't be primarily baseball and soccer based. Those two sports just happen to have the highest number of horrifically blown calls that significantly impact, if not decide games. They also happen to have the lowest usage of advanced technology aiding in making correct calls during games. Funny how that works, huh?

The quote below the title is that of Mr. Sepp Blatter after Frank Lampard's no-goal (top right corner) and Carlos Tevez's blown offside (red arrow) happened on the same day. Bravo, Sepp! It's a wonder why the third suggested search for "sepp blatter" on Google is "sepp blatter corrupt"!

COMING - MLB landscape, Championship preview, NFL offseason recap

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