Friday, September 2, 2011

A college football preview is coming...

I'm just not sure when. Our power went out yesterday morning and while it's back on, our internet is still out. It's probably a problem with Fios - along with no internet, we have a working TV but no program guide - but since it's the weekend and then the holiday, I probably won't get internet again at home until Tuesday at the earliest, which is obviously when week 1 of the season is completed. I was gonna work on it today but then the American tennis thing got in the way. Anyway, it'll be up next week. Really wanted to get it up before kickoff yesterday but it's been a hectic week all around. It's got a cute gimmick too! So look for it then. Until then, I'll be watching copious amounts of football and tennis over the weekend. God bless the fall.

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