Saturday, September 24, 2011

NFL Picks - Week 3

First, apologies once again for the lack of posts. Hectic week. Second, advance apologies for the lack of posts in the coming weeks. Power's out because we ain't pay the bills and once it comes back on, academic shit starts getting real. But I'll be sure to throw up the NFL picks every week and I'll find a way to bang out a Power Rankings post once we hit the quarter pole. The lesson? The NFL's the best.

Anyway, last week was another awful 9-7 week that could've been far better if any or all of the Raiders, Vikings, 49ers or Eagles didn't collapse. Or if the Ravens actually showed up to play. Changing up the approach for the picks this week as the analysis will come in Twitter form: 140 characters on the dot. Because so far, we've learned that when it comes to me trying to analyze football, less is better. Let's go to work.

New England at Buffalo
Don't get fooled by this Bills start; learn from 2008. If Brady keeps playing like this, the rest of the league's playing for second place.

San Francisco at Cincinnati
Really hard pick; home team I guess. A.J. Green is a boss. No wonder Jerome Simpson smokes so much kush - he ain't the # 1 receiver no mo.

Miami at Cleveland
Wanted to roll the dice on the Fish; couldn't & will regret it. For Browns' sake, Hillis better play. Thinking ugly one w/ dramatic finish.

Denver at Tennessee
Still not sure if they're any good but they're 1-1 & almost 2-0 w/ NOTHING from CJ. Can they win AFC South? They should at least win this.

Detroit at Minnesota
Talk about 2 teams from the same division going in completely opposite directions. Lions to the Divisional round looking better and better..

Houston at New Orleans
If you're in a Loser Suicide pool & you haven't used Houston yet, it's time to. Saints look like the only ones in NFL who can hang w/ Pats.

New York Giants at Philadelphia
I'm facing Vick in fantasy this week. This is my only 1:00 game. Think I might keep catching up on Breaking Bad during it. Best show on TV.

Jacksonville at Carolina
No matter what, we should have fun talking points about the QB's. Gabbert's line: 16/24, 219 yds, 2 TD, 2 INT, falls just short on GW drive.

New York Jets at Oakland
Love the Raiders run game, just not in this matchup. Jets look quite good. Sanchez won't be eating a hot dog on the sideline this time, tho.

Baltimore at St. Louis
After the sports weekend I've had, I'm disappearing from society if we lose this game. Good thing Ray Rice might very well go for 100 & 100.

Kansas City at San Diego
Looks like "pick against the Chiefs every week possible" might be the way to go in Suicide. Uh oh, Chargers -14.5 might cause my relapse....

Green Bay at Chicago
I'm so glad this is an epic rivalry again. Hopefully Chicago QB's stay healthy this time. Praying for a Kuhn TD - yes I start him in a league.

Arizona at Seattle
Looks like "pick against the Seahawks every week possible" might also be the way to go in Suicide. Put in Charlie Whitehurst already, jesus.

Atlanta at Tampa Bay
Big game for the Bucs; they get another crack at taking a step up in NFC South. Hopefully it doesn't end like this or this. But it will...

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis
Goody, another game I (and everyone else) get that I don't wanna watch! Wish the Colts would shock me (and everyone else) but they won't :(

Washington at Dallas
Really intriguing MNF game - we needed one after that steaming turd last wk. Gotta believe that the Skins on MNF are still the Skins on MNF.

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