Sunday, December 14, 2014

College Basketball Picks - December 14

Penn State +1.5 v. George Washington
Penn State is TEN AND ONE.  I'm still skeptical - almost all of those wins are by single digits against marginal competition - but I've always been a fan of Pat Chambers.  In fact, now I miss the Boston University/Vermont rivalry.  Let's just move on.  1-0.

St. John's -17.5 v. Fordham

Temple +17.5 @ Villanova
Stupid pick # 1.  Nova's been WHIPPING Big 5 competition.  2-1.

Butler +1 @ Tennessee (LOL)
Yeah LOL this pick.  Stupid pick # 2.  2-2.

Kent State -1 @ Arkansas Little Rock
Took overtime but they won it.  3-2.

Illinois State +3 @ DePaul
Still not sure if this is more "Illinois State is decent!" or "DePaul is bad!" - probably the latter though.  4-2.

Syracuse -8 v. Louisiana Tech
Rakeem Christmas with a SWEET hook to win this at the end.  Another shaky offensive performance for the Orange though.  4-3.

Auburn +6 @ Clemson
Stupid pick # 3.  Who goes against Clemson against the SEC?  4-4.

Louisville -28.5 v. UNC Wilmington
This wasn't a stupid pick but that offense isn't good enough to cover all these monster spreads.  Montrezl Harrell called out his teammates and said he knew in warmups they weren't ready to play this game.  Sounds like a guy who knows the offense - and intensity level - is too high variance.  4-5.

Miami (Ohio) +10 @ Wright State
One point cover.  5-5.

West Virginia -18 v. Marshall
STUPIDEST PICK OF ALL THE STUPID PICKS.  This is ALWAYS close.  West Virginia has literally  never covered this in the history of KenPom.  And they're a one man team this year that's prone to offensive inconsistencies.  I don't know why I let myself do this.  I really should shut down the blog.  5-6.

Michigan State -19.5 v. Oakland
Maybe Oakland would have covered if they didn't wear all black uniforms.  6-6.

Western Michigan +1.5 @ Pacific
I'm just high on WMU's athletic program in general right now.  Row row row!  7-6.

Seton Hall -11.5 v. St. Peter's
Continue to like the Pirates.  8-6.

Wyoming -20.5 v. Montana State
37 points in a half to Montana State?!?  They allowed 33 points in a GAME to Colorado!  8-7.

Jacksonville State +3.5 v. Dartmouth
Dartmouth should probably never be favored on the road in men's basketball maybe ever.  9-7.

Manhattan -1 v. Rutgers
This was actually in MSG.  That's probably why Rutgers won, they're AWFUL at the RAC.  9-8.

Wake Forest -17.5 v. Samford
Half point cover!  10-8.

Boise State -23.5 v. Southern Utah
Southern Utah's covered almost every big spread thrown at them.  They've definitely improved from last year's total disaster outfit.  Maybe.  10-9.

Eastern Washington +9 @ Washington
Ooooooooof.  That's a tough L to take back across the state.  Up 10 in the second half......well they came back from down 12 to win at Indiana and this time they died by the sword.  Hell of a comeback by the Huskies though, who are arguably the biggest major conference surprise at this point in the season.  And EWU is definitely a team I'm gonna have a really hard time not taking in March, I can tell that already (assuming they get there.)  11-9.

Montana +2 @ Wisconsin Milwaukee
Whatever.  I was never taking Milwaukee after how awful they looked against Wisconsin.  11-10.

Northwestern -21 v. Mississippi Valley State
Northwestern.  Won.  By.  Fifty.  Two.  The final score was 101-49.  Seriously, this is the box score.  12-10.

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