Tuesday, December 2, 2014

College Basketball Picks - December 2

Minnesota -4.5 @ Wake Forest.  Trap line of the year so far maybe and I don't even care.
Not a trap!  Solid 84-69 win for the Gophers.  1-0.

Pittsburgh +2.5 @ Indiana.  I can already tell this is gonna be a catastrophic Challenge for me.  Indiana's totally winning this.
Both sentences spot on.  1-1.

LSU -2.5 v. Massachusetts.  This is a rematch of one of the best games of the 24 Hour Tip Off Marathon last year in Amherst, a shootout won by the Minutemen.  But they've lost most of the core of that team.  LSU is vulnerable but they're the pick.
Yeah, this was a whoopin.  UMass looks like they might be back in to irrelevance.  82-60.  2-1.

UCF -4 v. Georgia Southern.  Georgia Southern actually almost won at Illinois on opening night and hasn't lost since but I still don't think they're very good.
A put back dunk gave the Golden Knights the win but that's not enough for me.  2-2

Michigan -4.5 v. Syracuse.  Michigan's really good.  Syracuse hasn't proven they're good enough to go punch for punch on the road with a really good team yet.
Syracuse shot 50% from the floor and still lost...but by only 3.  The end of this game was just a comedy of errors.  2-3.

VCU -4 @ Illinois State.  Poor Redbirds getting Havoc coming off a loss to the local rival.
This was a battle throughout but the visitors made the plays late.  A pair of Briante Weber free throws pushed this.  2-3-1.

Texas -22.5 v. UT Arlington.  Mavericks only chance of covering is if UT's looking ahead to Friday.
Oh were they ever.  2-4-1.

Central Michigan +3.5 @ Bradley.  Not to belabor this point but Bradley lost to a division 2 school (in preseason but still.)
Not to belabor this point but Central Michigan sucks.  2-5-1.

Evansville -7 v. Wright State.  I'm beyond sick of picking games with both of these teams.
Covered by a point!  3-5-1

Alabama -12.5 v. South Florida.  I actually believe in Alabama a little bit right now.
Failed to cover by a point and a half.  3-6-1.

DePaul -7 v. Northern Illinois.  This game is on Fox Sports 1.  This channel's supposed to be competing with ESPN.

Illinois +3.5 @ Miami (FL.)  Meanwhile, this game is on ESPN2 at the same time.  Like I said yesterday, this should be a good one - perhaps even better than Ohio State/Louisville on the mothership.
This was a weird second half.  Illinois kept making runs to get back in to it but Miami kept breaking back out ahead.  They led by 13 at the half and won by 9.  Nice performance for them and my nightmare Challenge continues.  4-7-1.

Utah State +7 v. BYU.  Not picking against Utah State at home in a Beehive Boot game.
This was nip and tuck for a while....then the Cougars dropped a 60 point second half.  4-8-1.

NC State +6 @ Purdue.  Still taking the Boilermakers straight up but this should be close.
Yay, a second Challenge game I was totally right about.  5-8-1.

Louisville -8.5 v. Ohio State.  That's a BIG number for a big game like this.  But it's deserved because the Cardinals defense looks historically good at the moment and the Buckeyes have had scoring issues for a while.  Did I say that yesterday?  Well I'm saying it again.
Oh my goodness, the Cards almost blew the cover after an absolutely dominant first half.  They were up 42-24 with 12 minutes to go and only covered by a half point.  That's some really nice fight from the Buckeyes though.  6-8-1.

College of Charleston -10 v. The Citadel.  The Citadel.
I may need to reconsider picking against schools just based on, well, their schools.  If I can't trust The Citadel, who *can* I trust?  6-9-1.

Georgia -7.5 @ Chattanooga.  South Carolina/Marshall part 2 but I'm not getting fooled this time.
And thank goodness I didn't.  The Bulldogs won by 31.  7-9-1.

St. John's -18 v. Niagara.  This needs to be a blowout for the Johnnies so they can build on last week's momentum.
Instead it was a lethargic performance in which the Purple Hawks hung around in to the second half.  Still won by 13 but meh.  7-10-1.

Belmont -8 v. Middle Tennessee State.  I miss when this game was basically a mid major bubble elimination game for a couple years there a few years ago.
Belmont doesn't seem to be up to its usual standards this year.  Won this but only by 4 (though they led by 10 at the half.)  7-11-1.

Missouri -9 v. SE Missouri State.  SE Missouri State's coach is named Dickey Nutt.
Boy this was a stupid pick.  And I wish Missouri had hired Dickey Nutt instead of this clown with a girl's name they got from Division 2 or NAIA or whatever.  7-12-1.

Nebraska Omaha +14 @ Kansas State.  They're too fun to pick right now for a variety of reasons.
Being fun to pick isn't the same as being smart to pick.  7-13-1.

Denver +10 @ Wyoming.  This will not be the most aesthetically pleasing game.
And it wasn't.  For Denver.  7-14-1.

CS Northridge -6.5 v. South Dakota.  A battle of 2-5 teams!
Sure, lose at home Northridge!  Why not?  7-15-1.

Memphis -6 v. Stephen F Austin.  This game is what we call a "massive tease."
No, this game is what we call "an obvious upset spot that I was too stupid to pull the trigger on."  Yet another dreadful performance from the Tigers.  They could be in real danger of missing the NCAA's.  7-16-1.

Arizona -24 v. Gardner-Webb.  A really fast paced game (GW's 27th in adjusted tempo) with a fellow offensively challenged team (GW doesn't do anything particularly well on offense besides not turn it over) should be what the doctor ordered for the Cat offense.
Hahahahahaha this game.  Arizona was up 47-46 in the second half.  And then they were up 72-49.  Also at the same time this was happening Gonzaga trailed by a point at home to Southeastern Louisiana at the half but then started the second half on a 30-4 run.  Those two meet Saturday in Tucson.  It will be not boring.  8-16-1.

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