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College Basketball Picks - November 22

Virginia Tech -15.5 v. Appalachian State.  Virginia Tech's bad.  In ACC play, they're really bad.  But Appalachian State's a special kind of bad always.
Apparently VT is too.  Wow.  Just wow.  0-1.

Western Michigan -13 v. Drake.  Fading The Drake.
As previously established, The Drake is bad.  1-1.

North Carolina -13 v. Davidson.  This can be close with the right good Davidson team or the wrong bad UNC team.  Neither exists this season.
The Fighting Steph Currys actually had this tight early in the second half before UNC pulled away.  2-1.

Mississippi State -4.5 v. Utah State.  The Aggies are unbeaten but they're begging to be tagged.  I'm taking a leap of faith here I'm not ready to take with the Bulldogs but Utah State just seems due for a bit of a butt kickin.
8 points isn't a butt kickin but it is a cover!  3-1.

Texas San Antonio +1.5 v. Texas State.  The new Texas twins in FBS!  I'll take the home underdog (and the one with the better football program.)
TSU was up by 7 at the half and lost by 13.  It's just hard to win on the road, man.  4-1.

Detroit -10.5 v. South Alabama.  I don't love that line but I love USA even less.  Wait, um....
USA is great, just not the University of South Alabama.  5-1.

Cal State Fullerton -7 v. San Jose State.  I'm just not taking San Jose State.
I defend my actions.  5-2.

Indiana State -6.5 v. Brown.  This is still a good Valley program against a mid tier Ivy one.
Ho hum another line that was off that I knew was off and yet didn't win money on it.  6-2.

Nebraska -1 @ Rhode Island.  Uhh.....what?  This is a crazy line.  How is this basically a pick 'em?  Rhode Island won 14 games last year!  They bring back a lot but so does Nebraska!  Dan Hurley has the Rams going in the right direction but Tim Miles has the Huskers even further in that direction!
Of course Rhode Island was winning.  Of course.  6-3.

William & Mary -6 @ Rice.  The only reason this line isn't way off too is because that's a pretty far trip west for a team that could very well clank a lot of 3's far from home.  But I like them and I don't like Rice.
Wasn't a bad line after all, Tribe won by 4.  6-4.

Elon +14 @ Northwestern.  It's just too fun to go against Chris Collins right now.
OH THEY WERE UP THE WHOLE WAY, UP 8 WITH 4 MINUTES TO GO AND THEN UP 5 WITH 2 MINUTES TO GO IN OT AND THEY LOST.  0-18 watch is officially on (again) for Northwestern.  7-4.

Texas Tech -5.5 v. Missouri State.  Bears are gonna win this and I'm gonna feel like a moron for ever believing in TT.
Oh right Missouri State has fallen off a cliff just like the rest of the Valley.  8-4.

Wyoming +2 v. Colorado.  The Buffs are GOOD.  But it's really, really hard to win at Wyoming when Larry Shyatt has that defense going.  This could be fun, too bad it's not on TV.
Well it was fun if you're a Wyoming fan or hate Colorado!  Wow.  NINE points in the second half for the previously high flying Buffs.  56-33.  Amazing scoreline.  9-4.

Wisconsin -17 v. Boise State.  Yeah Derrick Marks is about to get swallowed up.
Four wins out of four for the Badgers by an average of 30.  10-4.

Hall of Fame Tip Off (Uncasville, CT)

Notre Dame -3.5 v. UMass.  Gonna go with the rising tide lifts all boats theory with ND and the ACC for now.  Minutemen haven't really impressed me so far this season.
Florida State -1.5 v. Providence.  I don't feel great about this but I'm not going against FSU's defense when most of Providence's top offensive weapons from last year aren't there anymore.
Uh holy shit FSU.  If not for Colorado that's the most embarrassing performance of the day.  11-5.
Manhattan -13 v. Binghamton.  Binghamton.
Northeastern -13.5 v. Navy.  Really not sure what to make of the Midshipmen though I'm thinking they're just bad and got way up for Michigan State for easily understandable reasons.  But I like the Huskies so I'll take them.
13-5 and another 3-1 in a tournament's quarterfinal round.  I'm sure that'll end next week.

CS Northridge -10 v. Samford.  Samford pushing Pitt makes a lot more sense now that Pitt lost to god damned Hawaii.
Samford becoming a team I'm always wrong about.  13-6.

UMKC +5 @ Arkansas Little Rock.  What?  The team that won at Missouri is 5 point dogs to a bottom half Sun Belt team?
Hahahahahahaha Arkansas Little Rock > Missouri.  13-7.

Ball State +3 @ IUPUI.  Idea I had just now - why don't all the Indiana low major programs all play each other and play for some sort of trophy based on combined record?  Indiana's a crazy enough basketball state that you could probably get away with this.
IUPUI wins by 2 at the buzzer in OT!  See, my idea would be fun!  14-7.

Marquette -16.5 v. Nebraska-Omaha.  Nebraska-Omaha's somewhat on the rise for a brand new Division 1 program so maybe they can provide some resistance here for an unspectacular Marquette team.
And now "somewhat on the rise" is officially "on the rise" as UNO hangs NINETY SEVEN at the Bradley Center and won by 8.  14-8.

VMI -3.5 v. UNC-Wilmington.  VMI!  POINTS!!!
That's right!  They scored 93 of them!  Unfortunately they gave up 110 of them.  14-9.

Eastern Washington +14.5 @ SMU.  Ponies are probably still reeling a bit from a tough defeat at Indiana and having already matched up with Gonzaga as well they might be underestimating a sneaky Big Sky contender.  Plus I'm just digging fading SMU.  Maybe it's the football team rubbing off.
Exactly right.  15-9.

Belmont +2 @ Western Kentucky.  Another crazy line to me.  I still think the Bruins are the better team and I'm sure as shoot that they'd be more than 1 point favorites if this were in Nashville.
Belmont wins by a point.  This line was wrong.  16-9.

St. Bonaventure -7.5 v. Canisius.  Canisius isn't getting enough respect as an awful MAAC program with this line.
ST. BONAVENTURE IS BAD.  When will I get this?  16-10.

Tennessee Tech -3 v. Chattanooga.  Chattanooga.
Missed by a point.  16-11.

Furman +2 v. UC Davis.  A host underdog welcoming in a crappy west coast team flying east?  Yes please!
No.  Not even with manners, no.  16-12.

Portland -13 v. SIU Edwardsville.  SIU Edwardsville.  Though shout out to Portland's run in the Anaheim holiday tournament a few years back.  They beat UCLA like 71-46 in that.  Most random tourney run maybe in organized tournament history.
Pilots had covered by halftime.  17-12.

Indiana -29 v. Lamar.  Lamar has kind of done a UNLV over the past few years only more exaggerated and less publicized.
Hahahahahaha Indiana can't properly blow out bad teams.  17-13.

New Mexico State +5.5 @ UTEP.  They might be the better team and they'll probably come out more fired up than they have all season for the rivalry date.
Aggies blew a 12 point halftime lead to lose by a point.  Tough lost.  18-13.

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