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The Top 10 #Clemsonings of the past 10 (+1) Years - 10. November 25, 2006 - South Carolina 31, # 24 Clemson 28

Last Saturday's #Clemsoning inspired the re-starting of this blog so thank Clemson for that....but it also got me thinking, "Gee, I've been #blessed enough to witness tons and tons of #Clemsonings in the past decade or so.  What are the ten best #Clemsonings of the #Clemsonings?"  Well I made a list and checked it twice.  10-6 are being posted today.  5-1 will be posted later this week (or next week if I don't have the time/get writer's block/something comes up.)  Spoilers: # 1 Florida State 23, # 22 Clemson 17 (OT) is # 2.  That was a seriously epic #Clemsoning - and the best football #Clemsoning of the past 10(+1) years.  But it wasn't # 1 because # 1 was the continuation of something.......bigger.  You could even say it's something that even The Undertaker at Wrestlemania (before he got #CONQUERED) would be amazed at.  But that's for later this week - or next week.  Anyway, here's # 10.

  1. November 25, 2006 - South Carolina 31, # 24 Clemson 28

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This is just one of many hilarious recent #Clemsonings against their most hated rivals.  Here’s another example.  And another.  And another.  And yet another.  And - holy crap - ANOTHER?!?!?!?!?  That’s five years in a row, if you’re keeping count.  Who the fuck loses five straight to their most hated rival during their best five year stretch in like 25 years?  CLEMSON.  THAT’S WHO.  Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha holy shit what an embarrassing excuse for a university.  I hope I can hammer that point home hard enough over these first 5 #Clemsonings of the past 10 (+1) years today and then the top 5 #Clemsonings of the past 10 years sometime later this week.  

However, I decided to eschew those five #Clemsonings from this list because none of those 5 had a #Clemsoning Protagonist© named JAD.  A man’s gotta have a code.  That’s (part of) mine. Though it’s worth noting that last year’s #Clemsoning deserves special, honorable mention because (a) it was the first time Clemson had ever lost five straight to its most hated rival (b) Clemson turned it over SIX TIMES (c) it was the first ever top 10 battle between Clemson and South Carolina and thus the highest ever ranked matchup (d) Clemson turned it over SIX TIMES (e) it left Tajh Boyd - arguably Clemson’s greatest ever quarterback - winless in four tries against his most hated rival (f) Clemson turned it over SIX TIMES (g) It was tied entering the fourth quarter but unfortunately for Clemson it wasn’t tied at the end of the fourth quarter because - and not to belabor the point - (h) Clemson turned it over SIX.  TIMES.  SIX TIMES.  S-I-X SIX TIMES INCLUDING FOUR TIMES IN THE FOURTH QUARTER ALONE I’VE NEVER SEEN THAT WHO DOES THAT?!?

Anyway this was one of the few entries on this list that I watched hardly any of.  So since I literally have no memory of this game other than JAD’s miss, I’m turning it over to someone who does.  Take it away, markymark550 of CockyTalk! (I added the hyperlink)

I haven't seen the replay of that game, so my memory might be a little fuzzy. My wife's (girlfriend at the time) brother, a die hard Clemson fan, had tickets and gave two extras to us. I remember him being supremely confident that they were going to win because of James Davis and CJ Spiller. Spiller had a really long run and they had a huge pass play for TDs in the first half. Blake had 2 or 3 interceptions before halftime, so while I never quit cheering for our Gamecocks, I was a bit concerned if Spurrier was going to keep throwing it. I remember Cory Boyd and Mike Davis being really productive on the ground and a big reason why we won. I loved the sack that Syvelle assisted on at the end of the game to push the FG attempt back. When Dean missed that FG, I thought their fans were about to riot.

It’s too bad they didn’t - for their sake, of course.  Burning their campus to the ground might have put an end to #Clemsoning for good so thank goodness for the sake of the rest of us they restrained themselves!

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