Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday Link Dump - All My Bookmarks Of Sports Articles & Epic Wrestling Stories

Ever since The Shield - which aired Tuesday nights at 10 on FX - ended on November 25, 2008 with the greatest series finale I've ever seen (full disclosure: I have seen literally every Breaking Bad episode except the series finale no that doesn't make any sense my LIFE doesn't make any sense), I've felt Tuesdays were the worst day of the week.  Mondays have Monday Night Football in the fall, RAW all year and the hope and promise of a new week.  Wednesdays, despite an incredibly annoying meme and being Trash Night for me, are indeed a hurdle (not using the other h-word) to clear in the middle of the week that have the promise of Thursday on the horizon.  Thursdays are the start of the weekend once you're in college, have Thursday Night Football in both NFL and college in the fall and any excuse to #neverforget the past is a welcome excuse.  Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays don't need an explanation.

So that leaves Tuesday.  The week's already started but you probably already fucked up Monday and you've still got three (or four if you work Friday nights like I did for the past two years) more days until the weekend proper.  Fuck Tuesday.  So I'm gonna do my part to make Tuesdays better for you by linking to a bunch of things I liked over the past week.  Except for this week, of course, since I haven't been bookmarking things all week to save for this link dump like I will for all future link dumps.  So that means I'll just have to link all of my favorite articles and web sites with lots of my favorite articles that I have bookmarked.  Let's begin.

Wolves Blog.  It's a blog.  About the Wolves.  If by some off chance you've found this blog and you're a Wolverhampton Wanders FC fan and you DON'T read this blog, well, you should.  For the rest of you, if you want to read a truly top class blog written by die hard football fans (not America's footbal) of the football club Wolverhampton Wanderers aka Wolves, read this blog.  These guys have their finger on the pulse of Wolves fans - so if you want a window in to my brain (or at least a significant part of it), read this blog.

Who Should I Start?  Found this on Sunday morning.  Put in any two players you like and get a whole bunch of compiled opinions by so called fantasy experts as to which one you should start.  Will be using this religiously to (further) dominate my fantasy leagues.

Grantland Anything on this website written by Bill Simmons, Bill Barnwell or Zach Lowe is required reading.  There are other writers there too.  Some are awful (Molly Lambert), some are B+ players (Holly Anderson, Jonah Keri, Katie Baker) and some follow me on Twitter so I should probably start reading them more than I do out of respect (Rembert Browne.)  But there's a lot of varied content on the site and everyone I've read on that site seems quite intelligent so it gets my seal of approval.  Also: Bill Simmons could create a site about the anatomy of animal turds and I'd read it.  I've been reading him since he was on those Page 2 yellow backgrounds and picking NFL games against that dog Bailey back in like 2002.

What's Alan Watching?  Best TV blog on the internet and it's not even close.  Like Secretariat at the Belmont not close.

College Football News  Most of their writers other than Pete Fiutak and Richard Cirminiello kind of suck but Cirminiello is damn good and Fiutak's the best college football writer on the planet with his weekly Calvacade of Whimsey (yes that's a Sideshow Bob reference) EASILY the best college football column on the planet.  Again, Secretariat at the Belmont not close.

Meet The Bag Men: How To Buy College Football Players If you've ever wondered how college players are paid without the NCAA finding out, read this.  Even if you haven't, read this.

How Local Recruiting Dictates Scheme Just a breakdown of how every team - by region - in college football is formed no big deal.

Tims 92 Wolves fan seeking to visit all 92 grounds (stadiums) in the English Football League.  Also a blogger.com site!  And a far better one than this pile of shit.

The night football (not American football) was reborn 1989 Arsenal/Liverpool on the final day.  Arguably the greatest soccer match in the history of England.

Drug Problems of QB Todd Marinovich Superstar high school and college quarterback trained (literally) to be a quarterback pretty much from when he was in his crib onward who rebelled against his psycho father and did a shitload of drugs and yet was good enough to still be a superstar high school and college quarterback before getting to the NFL and failing miserably with the Raiders and becoming one of the biggest draft busts ever.

Fire Joe Morgan #neverforget.  The basis for my FJMings - such as yesterday's Night of Champions - obviously.  Also a blogger site!  Yeah I've got a blog on the same site as FJM.  I'm very proud of myself.

Oral History of 2001 Miami Greatest college football team I've seen since I started watching college football.  Arguably the greatest ever (though I refuse to accept any reply to that claim other than 1995 Nebraska.)

Aaaaand I'm not linking to #TheFappening or an anti-global warming article because those are too CONTROVERSIAL!!!!! so we're done for this week.  Enjoy your reading!  And hopefully include this blog in it!

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