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The Top 10 #Clemsonings of the past 10 (+1) Years - 7. 2011 ACC Tournament - # 6 North Carolina 92, Clemson 87 (OT)

Last Saturday's #Clemsoning inspired the re-starting of this blog so thank Clemson for that....but it also got me thinking, "Gee, I've been #blessed enough to witness tons and tons of #Clemsonings in the past decade or so.  What are the ten best #Clemsonings of the #Clemsonings?"  Well I made a list and checked it twice.  10-6 are being posted today.  5-1 will be posted later this week (or next week if I don't have the time/get writer's block/something comes up.)  Spoilers: # 1 Florida State 23, # 22 Clemson 17 (OT) is # 2.  That was a seriously epic #Clemsoning - and the best football #Clemsoning of the past 10(+1) years.  But it wasn't # 1 because # 1 was the continuation of something.......bigger.  You could even say it's something that even The Undertaker at Wrestlemania (before he got #CONQUERED) would be amazed at.  But that's for later this week - or next week.  Anyway, here's # 7.

  1. 2011 ACC Tournament - # 6 North Carolina 92, Clemson 87 (OT)

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The title of that Youtube says it all.  Harrison Barnes scored 40 points in a legally sanctioned college basketball game.  I will repeat myself.  HARRISON BARNES DROPPED FORTY POINTS IN A COLLEGE BASKETBALL GAME.  AS A TRUE FRESHMAN.

For those of you who are a lot more familiar with college football than college basketball, you may not be able to appreciate just how great the hype (or skype - get it, because he literally picked UNC over Duke on fucking SKYPE) was for Harrison Barnes as an incoming freshman.  He was the first freshman to ever make the preseason AP All American team despite - by virtue of being a true freshman - having done as well as a college basketball player at that time as I had.  Everyone spent the whole season ranting and raving about him.  Basically, take all the Leonard Fournette hype and multiply it by 100.  Now pretend Leonard Fournette was a massive bust who wasn’t ready to handle all the pressure that had been heaped on his shoulders…..hey, wait a minute, Leonard Fournette IS a massive bust who isn’t ready to handle all the pressure that’s been heaped on his shoulders!  Perfect.

Anyway, coming in to this game, Clemson was on the bubble because…...well, I have no fucking clue.  Seriously.  They were 21-10 overall and 9-7 in regular season ACC play with a 70-47 destruction of an equally-bubbalicious-and-equally-terrible-resume’d Boston College in the 4/5 quarterfinal to earn their date with top seeded North Carolina.  Why the fuck was this turd team anywhere near the bubble in the first place?  Because the bubble is an annual collection of aborted fetuses, that’s why.  I can only assume that this depressing factoid is why Andy Glockner, the greatest Bubble Watcher in human history, has retired from his post.  No, I don’t entirely believe the crap he fed me about “everyone ripping off the concept” and “no value in it anymore.”  But that’s beside the point.

The point is, on the Wednesday of Championship Week 2011, Glockner said that beating Boston College - no matter by how many points - “may not be enough” for Clemson to punch its ticket in to the NCAA tournament but noted that UNC awaited in the semis “for the marquee win Clemson lacked.”  Suffice to say that semi against the Tar Heels was a huge game for Clemson.  And they led this huge game by 14 in the first half, 10 at halftime and 7 with 4 minutes to go to force overtime.  This wasn’t the first time Clemson shit its pants down the stretch to let UNC come back and force overtime - in fact, our NUMBER ONE #CLEMSONING is an even better example!  But we’re not talking about that game yet.  We’re talking about this one.  And in this one, Clemson #Clemsoned by allowing super bust Harrison Barnes to end their season drop them to a play in game that allowed them a bullshit chance to end their hilarious NCAA tournament losing streak.  But the important part is they continued their 1-15 vs UNC in the ACC Tournament streak….and that’s not even their funniest losing streak against UNC in basketball.  Stay tuned.

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