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The Top 10 #Clemsonings of the past 10 (+1) Years - 6. August 30, 2003 - # 9 Georgia 30, Clemson 0

Last Saturday's #Clemsoning inspired the re-starting of this blog so thank Clemson for that....but it also got me thinking, "Gee, I've been #blessed enough to witness tons and tons of #Clemsonings in the past decade or so.  What are the ten best #Clemsonings of the #Clemsonings?"  Well I made a list and checked it twice.  10-6 are being posted today.  5-1 will be posted later this week (or next week if I don't have the time/get writer's block/something comes up.)  Spoilers: # 1 Florida State 23, # 22 Clemson 17 (OT) is # 2.  That was a seriously epic #Clemsoning - and the best football #Clemsoning of the past 10(+1) years.  But it wasn't # 1 because # 1 was the continuation of something.......bigger.  You could even say it's something that even The Undertaker at Wrestlemania (before he got #CONQUERED) would be amazed at.  But that's for later this week - or next week.  Anyway, here's # 6.

  1. August 30, 2003 - # 9 Georgia 30, Clemson 0

(image from .  Their recap of that game is much, MUCH better than the one you're about to read.)

Okay, I cheated.  This one is slightly over a decade ago.  But it’s got Gary Danielson on an SEC game - a rarity back then but a weekly occurrence now - so I’m grandfathering it in to the past ten years.

I actually watched this game.  For me, it was THE game of opening weekend that year.  You had the defending SEC champions going on the road to face their border rival whom they SHOULD play every year or damn near close to it but it seems like both sides are cool with a home and home every 10 years or so if you look at the history.  Anyway, that 2002 Georgia team was LOADED - if there was a playoff back then, I ABSOLUTELY think they beat Ohio State if matched up with them - but they lost a ton of people off that team and had a bunch of injuries and a bunch of guys pawned their championship rings because they literally couldn’t get jobs because NCAA so they had to find an alternative way to make money.  The point is that Georgia was going through a ton of turnover and turmoil whereas Clemson was coming in to the new season ready to wipe away the painful memories of their Honorable Mention Clemsoning at the hands of all time great Kliff Kingsbury in a bowl game where they were unable to score the requisite points to keep up and it showed.  Surely they were hungry to score some points in their 03 opener.

Yeah, well, SPOILERS that didn’t happen.

This is another one I have very few memories of because it happened 11 years ago.  I don’t even remember how old I was or what grade I was entering that fall.  So I’m just going to FJM the game recap and call it a day. Again, this is a FAR better recap of this game than I can give. So yeah, time for my very best effort to FJM the ESPN game recap:

Quarterback Charlie Whitehurst and center Tommy Sharp fumbled a snap, which was recovered by Georgia's Marcus Jackson near midfield.


Another drive ended when receiver Derrick Hamilton had the ball stripped and it flew right to safety Sean Jones.


On fourth-and-2 from Georgia's 4, Whitehurst pitched to tailback Duane Coleman, who tried a pass to the quarterback in the left corner of the end zone. Coleman's throw hung in the air, though, and gave 270-pound lineman Robert Geathers enough time to break it up.


The Tigers, down 16-0, had one last opportunity to get back in it with a first-and-goal from the 3 in the final period. Pollack picked a screen pass out of the air for the interception.


Clemson hadn't been shutout at home since a 37-0 loss to Virginia Tech in 1998, the last season under coach Tommy West. It was also the first time Georgia held the Tigers scoreless in 15 games since a 12-0 defeat in 1978.


Okay I’m done! Be sure to check back later this week (or maybe next week) for part 2 with the top 5 #Clemsonings of the past 10 years!

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